How Often Should You Change Your Oil?


“How often should you change your oil?” is a commonly asked question, but our service center at Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston is happy when our clients from Livingston and nearby areas ask! The oil change frequency can’t be understated as drivers need to keep up with this basic maintenance to keep going on the roads efficiently and safely.

A majority of recent Chevy vehicles will require an oil change every 7,500-10,000 miles, which is an impressive oil change frequency compared to the average of all vehicles. Learn more below before getting an oil change in Livingston!

How Often Should You Change Your Oil According to Driving Habits?

While a specific car model can significantly impact how many times you will need an oil change near Livingston in a year, the way you drive will also impact the number. If you drive your Chevrolet vehicle beyond the normal use, you can expect to change your oil more often. This includes any off-road driving, racing, heavy towing, and commercial use!

Other Factors of Oil Change Frequency

Beyond your vehicle model and driving habits, there are other factors that will help decide when you need an oil change, including:

  • Synthetic vs. conventional oil: See your owner’s manual if your car needs synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but it lasts longer and is needed for high-performing engines.
  • Oil change is required no matter how much you drive: The oil in your car can still break down even if you don’t drive your car in the Cookeville area often. You can still expect to get oil changes twice a year if you don’t use your car on a daily basis.
  • Get an oil filter change during your visit for an oil change in Livingston: When you come to Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston for an oil change, be sure to ask for an oil filter change as well. Our parts center can supply you with the right replacement!

Oil Level Check Frequency

Along with making sure you’re getting your oil changed on time, you should also check your oil level at least once every month to ensure proper performance on the Sparta roads. Look out for any changes in your oil’s color and texture as it can be a sign of an issue. If you ever see any of these changes or see that your oil is low, book a service appointment with Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston online.

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