What Does Service Battery Charging System Mean?

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When you climb into your new Chevy and turn the key or push the start button, you count on your charging system to keep you moving forward in Livingston. If your charging system is experiencing problems, your service battery system light will come on. Don’t panic! Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston has your back. Read on to learn more about the service battery charging system in your Chevy, and if you need service, schedule a service appointment with Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston. 

What is the Service Battery System Anyway?

So, what does the service battery charging system mean? The service battery charging system in your Chevy includes the alternator, battery, wiring, and the electronic control unit (ECU). It is what keeps your battery charged and produces the energy necessary to run your lights, radio, and other essential electrical components when your engine is running. 

What Causes the Service Battery System Light to Ilimunitate?

If you see your service battery system light come on as you drive around Livingston, it could be several issues, so the best thing to do is get your vehicle in for service as soon as possible. These are just a few of the issues to look for:

  1. If you only hear a clicking sound when you try to start your car, your starter might be broken. 
  2. If your car’s electrical systems still work (like the lights and radio), but the engine won’t turn over, it could be a faulty ignition switch, starter, dead battery, or a blown fuse. 
  3. A failed drive belt keeps the alternator from doing its job properly and can cause the service battery system light to come on. 
  4. Check for corroded wires and connections of your car battery. Make sure the battery clamps are clean and secure. 
  5. Remember that if you get a jump-start, you should keep your car on for at least 10 minutes to allow the battery to recharge after being drained.

Don’t Drive with Your Service Battery System Light On

Driving with your service battery system light on could leave you stranded on the side of Cookeville roads. If your vehicle needs a new battery, has a faulty alternator, or wiring issue, it could stop working at any time. Make a service appointment with the Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston service team immediately. We will diagnose the issue and have you back out on Sparta streets as quickly as possible!

Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston is Always At Your Service

Car batteries and alternators don’t last forever. Fortunately, Casey's Frontier Chevrolet Of Livingston is always at your service. Now that you know more about the service battery charging system in your Chevy, don’t forget that our certified Chevy technicians are happy to help. Check out our service specials and contact us today!

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